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Driv Kapital invests in a new partnership between three renowned specialized IT consultancies

SOCO, Gnist, and Forse are three leading specialized consultancies renowned for their non-stop focus on customers, quality and their employees. The three companies know each other well and they have already cooperated on projects for joint customers on several occasions. Soco and Gnist also share the same founders.

Due to their customer centric and quality focused approach, all three companies boast strong margins and topline growth over time, and low employee turnover. By bringing together three leading specialist IT consultancy companies, the group now contains 133 passionate employees committed to delivering the highest quality to their customers. The goal is to grow this network of niche companies, with the best customer and user orientation in the industry, and over time the plan is to invite additional complementary companies to the group.

For inquiries, please contact:

Fredrik Bysveen, Co-founder Driv Kapital
Telephone: +47 98 22 85 68
email: ftb@drivkapital.no