Modern approach to private equity

Driv Kapital grows great companies in a sustainable way through powerful partnerships
We invest in profitable Nordic companies with high growth potential in the business services, software, and consumer sectors.
Investment focus
Our approach
Driv invests with a long-term view in companies where the selling shareholders re-invest significant amounts
Digitalization initiatives are always included in our growth plans
Together with management, we always identify how to improve ESG performance
We apply conservative gearing to increase growth capacity and secure financial flexibility
Driv is people-oriented at its core, promoting mutual respect, empowerment, and diversity
Leading industry experts co-invest directly in each partnership and contribute during the due diligence and ownership phase
Together, we create a common vision, and an ambitious growth plan
Acting with integrity and taking responsibility for our footprint is imperative to us. We are people-oriented, and we always promote mutual respect, empowerment, and diversity.
Scaling great companies in a sustainable and responsible way